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Visual Communication Overview

Following principles of TEACCH (Treatment & Education of Autistic & related Communication Handicapped Children).  Alderwood LLA promotes the use of visual communication and structure throughout all of its specialised autism services. Each individual is supported by an individualised visual communication system that is tailor made to meet their own individual needs, interests and ability levels. This offers opportunities of choice and to be as independent as possible, catering for all levels of ability on an individual basis.

The major function of communication is to give information and this highly structured system presents information to be communicated visually at a level to which each individual can understand. Visual aids such as signs, schedules and work systems offer information in a logical, structured, sequential form. Most of us use types of visual support which help us to organise our own lives, but, these traditional forms of visual communication may not give enough information for a person with autism and it is necessary to adapt, enhance and increase the amount of information available to make it more meaningful.


Alderwood LLA’s Visual Communication Department design and make all of the visual communication systems for the people we support according to their individual need. As a result it plays a pivotal role in ensuring we are able to communicate effectively with those we support and in turn reduce anxiety and improve choice and coping strategies. It can help encourage speech and reading skills when used appropriately and consistently and all staff at Alderwood LLA are trained to employ the use of, and, correct delivery of individualised visual communication systems.

Our Visual Communication Department

Alderwood LLA produces specially designed resources following the principles of Visual Communication.

These are tailor-made for each individual and support their daily activities, including personal care, education, social and leisure activities.

The Visual Communication Department is responsible for making all of our visual cue cards, behavioural cues, tools, social stories and structured leisure activities, theme night boxes and art packs.

All the people we support at Alderwood LLA have individual programmes and all resources are personalised taking great care to match an individual’s ability and communication level.

During both Behaviour Workshops and Adult Development Programme (ADP) meetings referrals are made and resources designed. 

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