Support With Managing Emotions

Behaviours which challenges others

People supported by Alderwood LLA may present with distressed behaviour or behaviours which pose a risk to themselves or others. The reasons will vary, and perhaps be linked with prior trauma e.g. living in highly secure inpatient services, experiencing frequent changes in address, difficulties in coping with social or sensory experiences, finding it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings.

Many people supported by Alderwood LLA have experienced life in highly restrictive inpatient services, or numerous changes in support. Our support is aimed at developing strong and trusting relationships with the person, providing long term certainty and consistency.

Through Positive Behaviour Support, we provide kind and compassionate support, focused on getting to know the person well, and focusing on supporting each person to have a good quality of life.

The Communication Resource Team, Autism & Positive Behaviour Support Lead work together with each support team and the person’s circle of support to agree support planning, to focus on developing life and coping skills, while working in a trauma informed way. We recognise that both the person and their family will often have experienced trauma through accessing health and social services over time.

All team members working at Alderwood LLA are trained in PROACT-SCIPr-UK®. The training, accredited by BILD Association of Certified Training, and in line with the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards, focuses on understanding the functions of a person’s behaviour and proactive and active means of support. Ultimately the focus is on improving the person’s quality of life, being led by the person and working closely with the person’s family.

We focus on developing rapport, through mindful skilled support. We are mindful that many people we support have difficulties with self-confidence, and esteem and aim to boost skill and confidence in everyday life.

Alderwood LLA’s model of support has been successful in reducing the frequency and severity of behaviours which cause harm and/or restrict a person’s lifestyle and enable the people we support to attain skills to lead a fulfilling life.

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