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Alderwood LLA specialises in providing support to autistic people, with learning disabilities, who require high levels of support to lead a fulfilled life. People we support typically need support with social interactions and communication, managing anxiety, meeting their sensory processing needs and support with any additional neurodiverse or mental health needs.

We are proud of our support to help people to maintain stability and certainty in their life, reducing hospital admissions and people needing to move address frequently.

At Alderwood LLA we firmly believe that by developing strong and trusting relationships, and with proactive support we can support people to live a more independent and fulfilling life. This is our aim for each person we support.

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Autism Spectrum Condition

Autism is a spectrum condition which means that each autistic person will have differing strengths, and difficulties with social interactions and communication. At Alderwood we focus on each person, honing in on individual communication and social preferences and anxieties, maintaining the predictability in life that the person feels is important to them.

Support With Managing Emotions

Through Positive Behaviour Support, we provide kind and compassionate support, focused on getting to know the person well, and focusing on supporting each person to have a good quality of life.

Our Visual Communication

The Visual Communication Department is an integral and vital part of the Alderwood LLA ethos. The people we support require visual communication and structure to help them be able to live fulfilling lives.

The vast of range of visual material produced in our visual communication department assists with everyday tasks (managing hygiene), coping with potential stressful situations (hospital appointments) and progressing with their Adult Development Programme.

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