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Alderwood LLA predominately specialises in providing care for individuals with a diagnosis of Autism, behaviour difficulties that challenge services and are most often considered to have complex needs.

At Alderwood LLA we firmly believe that all individuals have the ability to learn and develop helping them to live a more independent and fulfilling life. This is our aim for those we support.

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Autism Spectrum Condition

Autism is a ‘spectrum condition’, meaning the severity of impairment varies greatly between individuals.

Whilst some people with autism may enjoy a similar level of independence to those without the condition, others are profoundly affected, necessitating lifelong care and support.

Therapeutic Approaches

Alderwood LLA aims to offer a range of unique experiences for the people we support and the Alderwood Projects have become a quintessential part of everyday life for us.

Our Visual Communication

The Visual Communication Department is an integral and vital part of the Alderwood LLA ethos. The people we support require visual communication and structure to help them be able to live fulfilling lives.

The vast of range of visual material produced in our visual communication department assists with everyday tasks (managing hygiene), coping with potential stressful situations (hospital appointments) and progressing with their Adult Development Programme.

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We are here to support you and your family. If you have a referral please fill out the form provided. Please keep in mind we can only accept referrals from those adults who have a diagnosis of ASC.