Supporting Autistic People

Autistic Support Overview

Alderwood LLA specialises in supporting autistic people who also have a learning disability. People may present with other neurodiverse needs, e.g. ADHD or a diagnosed mental health condition. We support people who may experience significant distressed behaviours or behaviours which present as challenging. This can often be linked with social interaction and communication, or sensory processing difficulties people experience.

Often people we support have experienced significant trauma in their lives. They may have spent time in secure settings, or experienced frequent support and accommodation moves.

At Alderwood LLA we firmly believe that with the right guidance, all the people we support can enhance their life and coping skills. This helps them to live a more independent and fulfilling life which is our aim. We have many examples of successfully supporting people to enjoy long term stability and certainty in their lives, allowing them to thrive and enjoy life again.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder
Autism Spectrum Disorder

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