Ola Barcelona!

Ola Barcelona

A mix of football, swimming and sightseeing makes Richard’s idea of a perfect holiday…

In September 2022, Richard was finally able to take a much-awaited supported holiday to Spain following Covid. People we support create goals, focused on their aspirations on a regular basis, with support from their keyworker and families. One of Richard’s aspirations was to go abroad again. Even before booking this holiday, he knew he wanted to return to Barcelona. He’d visited twice prior to 2020 and really enjoyed the experience.

It was important to Richard to go somewhere that he knew he liked and was familiar with. However, the hotel he had previously stayed in in the city no longer offered an all-inclusive option. Undeterred, Richard’s keyworker, Ben, helped him to look at alternatives online, supporting him in choosing a hotel close to Barcelona. The compromise meant they could take the train into the city for days out, yet the holiday was still within Richard’s budget. They also bought tickets to a football match – one of Richard’s all-time passions.

When the time came, a lovely surprise was in store for Richard and Ben on their flight out. They asked if they could look in the aeroplane’s cockpit, and their wish was granted!

Familiar, trusted support

Richard, who is in his 30s, has a learning disability, is autistic and lives in supported living with three other people. He was supported throughout the five-day break by Ben, with whom he has built a strong relationship. “Richard is very bubbly and social, and a shared love of football means that he and his keyworker are always chatting about it,” says Home Manager, Alex Watkins. “He’s such a massive football fan that every day he wears his collection of many lanyards with keys and badges hanging from them.”

During the holiday, the two men managed to fit in some must-dos, such as visiting La Sagrada Familia, the famous Barcelona church designed by Gaudi.

They also spent some days relaxing by the beach and pool, soaking up the sun. Inevitably, the highlight of the trip was the football match – Barcelona won!

The support and confidence given to Richard by the support team mean he’s already keen to book his next holiday to the same hotel.


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