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Alderwood LLA aims to offer a range of unique experiences for the people we support and the Alderwood LLA Projects have become a quintessential part of everyday life for us.

Alderwood LLA Dog Project

The Alderwood LLA Dog Project was introduced initially as a desensitisation programme.

Many people with autism prefer measures of predictability in their lives. Animals can be very unpredictable and although individuals can avoid visiting zoo’s, petting farms etc, it is difficult to avoid ever coming across some animals such as dogs.

Uncertain situations can cause anxiety for an individual with autism, or lead to phobias and affect the range of places they can access. Enjoyment of activities can become stressful and can prevent them from developing new skills.

Our Alderwood LLA dogs have been part of the project from puppies and have built great relationships with the people we support.  Not only has the Dog Project been an excellent resource for desensitisation, our dogs have also become critical components in providing therapeutic support for those within our care. 

Alderwood LLA
Alderwood LLA

Alderwood LLA Farm Project

Following the Dog Project, The Alderwood LLA Farm Project was introduced.


The Farm Project is a structured environment accessible for the people we support to work alongside our resident animals. The Alderwood LLA Farm Project is home to several ponies, pigs, rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, as well as our Aviary which houses 2 rescued owls unable to live in the wild.

Alderwood LLA
Alderwood LLA
Alderwood LLA
Alderwood LLA

Alderwood LLA Yoga Project

Another much loved Alderwood LLA Project is Yoga. Alderwood LLA works alongside a local Yoga Teacher to create a safe, structured and peaceful space for the people we support to experience the incredible benefits of this practice.

The success of Yoga for many of the people we support have been astounding, and now many are accessing classes as well as practising Yoga within the homes following visual guides.

Alderwood LLA
Alderwood LLA

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