Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Overview

Alderwood LLA predominately specialises in providing care for individuals with a diagnosis of autism and behaviour difficulties that challenge services and are often considered to have the most complex needs. Autism affects how people perceive the world and how they interact with others. Individual’s with autism see, smell, hear and feel the world differently to other people.


Autism is a spectrum condition, therefore people will share certain difficulties however it will affect them in different ways. Some individuals with autism will also have learning disabilities, mental health issues or other conditions, meaning people need different levels of support.

At Alderwood LLA we firmly believe that with the right guidance, all of the people we support have the ability to learn and develop helping them to live a more independent and fulfilling life which is our aim. 

More Information

If you would like more information about autism and/or Asperger’s syndrome please follow the link below.

If you are looking for support for an individual with ASC please contact the Managing Director, Linda Fish at our main office.

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Autism Spectrum Disorder

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We are here to support you and your family. If you have a referral please fill out the form provided. Please keep in mind we can only accept referrals from those adults who have a diagnosis of ASC.