We are currently accepting referrals. Social workers, other professionals or parents can contact us at the Alderwood Head Office

We would be pleased to discuss individual requirements; enquiries can be made to Linda Fish, Operations Director and Head of Services and Anita Smart, Managing Director (CMgr FCMI) on 01604 811838.

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Assessment visits can be commissioned in either the residential home, or parental home by mutual consent. Alderwood will provide written feedback on such assessments before further discussion will take place with any of the relevant parties. In the event of all parties wishing to pursue a placement proposal, a support package would be suggested in order for further assessments to be made and a potential transition to be planned.

Assessment and placement fees can be supplied on request. Enquiries to be made to Linda Fish, Operations Director and Head of Residential Services.

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Outreach Support

Alderwood offers an outreach and consultancy service to support families, and residential care homes to meet the needs of young people and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, related disorders and challenging behaviours.

Alderwood Outreach Support and consultancy provides programmes of training, advice and behaviour work for individuals with Autism and challenging behaviour, their families and care/education staff.

Support can be in the form of:-

Family Projects

Consultants can provide advice and strategies and implement structures for improving the quality of family life. Enquires to the Alderwood Head Office.

Residential Care Homes

Alderwood can offer support for individual service users where residential care or supported living has broken down or become problematic. This is a unique package of support for each service user. Alderwood consultants work closely with local authorities to ensure that all aspects of the care and education package meets the individual’s needs.

Consultancy & Training

Alderwood consultants provide advice and training to a variety of institutions and organisations. These include education authorities, residential homes, Social Services departments and residential.