Welcome to Collingwood

A beautifully presented supported living provision that can accommodate up to 3 middle-aged and older adults with autism spectrum conditions and/or learning disabilities.

Here, we encourage an independent lifestyle with support for everyday tasks including money management, nutrition and diet, and community-based activity. The house is close to the town centre and on the local bus route.

Collingwood Home

At a glance

  • Supported living housing
  • Located close to Northampton centre
  • Suitable for younger adults (18-30) with autism and/or learning disabilities
  • 3 bedrooms available with en-suite or own bathroom
  • Annexe provides option for self-contained space
  • Mature garden makes for a pleasant relaxation or hobby space

Property Detail

Life at Collingwood is homely, with its three bedrooms set across what is a spacious bungalow property. With a beautiful garden and inviting shared spaces, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy activities here at home.

The support we provide at Collingwood is person-led, and our unique approach to communication sets Alderwood apart. We use visual and verbal communication to ensure that everyone who lives at Collingwood feels engaged and listened to.

The ideal person for Collingwood is a younger adult with autism spectrum conditions and/or learning disabilities, and who is looking for structured support throughout the day and night. We offer 2 to 1 support, as well as waking-night and sleep-in services here.

Make a referral

We are here to support you and your family. If you have a referral please fill out the form provided. Please keep in mind we can only accept referrals from those young people and adults who have a diagnosis of ASC.

Service Manager

Meet the Manager, Alex Watkins

Alex has been with Alderwood LLA for six years and has a wealth of experience in supporting autistic people, including those with complex needs.

Alex is passionate about ensuring the best outcomes for people she supports and takes time to understand what is important to them, their likes and dislikes and future goals and ambitions. For those she supports that are non-verbal Alex said that using visual communications are key to establishing a strong connection and trust.

It is clear she is a well-respected manger and has a great rapport with her team. One of Alex’s greatest strengths is her assuring nature and no matter how challenging the situation, she always remains calm and focused. Alex said one of the most important qualities of her role is patience and understanding, and with regards to her team, always being prepared to step in and help and Alex says: “I would never expect my team to do anything I wouldn’t do myself”.

Alex’s authenticity and genuine desire to make a difference shine through. In 2021 she organised a sponsored walk to raise money for various autism charities and she also supported one person to go on his first ever holiday to Skegness. Alex’s says what she most loves about her role is that:

“No two days are the same and for me giving people we support the quality of life they deserve is what makes my job worthwhile”.

Alex’s role is very busy and varied, but when she can she likes nothing more than getting out in the fresh air with her dog for some seriously tough walks.

A thank you to Registered Manager, Alex Watkins

Photo of Alex Watkins