Alderwood produces specially designed resources following Visual Communication principles.

These are tailor-made for each individual resident and support their daily activities, including personal care, education, social and leisure. All resources are designed and made by a team of staff in collaboration with Anita Smart (Managing Director). High quality resources are produced to support residents in meeting their Individual Care and Adult Development Plans. Resources are also designed and implemented following the outcomes at Behaviour Support Surgeries.

All residents at Alderwood use a Visual Communication System. This offers our residents opportunities of choice and to be as independent as possible, catering for all levels of ability on an individual basis. This highly structured system uses ‘cue cards’ (visual representation of an activity or food item). The Resources Department make cue cards in different forms to suit individual needs. These cue cards are used in conjunction with ‘schedules’ which show our residents the order of main activities throughout the day. Also they are used with ‘work systems’. These tell our residents how many things to do, what to do and what comes next, this reduces anxiety and aids independence in various activities e.g. eating, washing and education.

The Resources Department is responsible for making all of our Visual Communication cue cards, resources, education tasks, visual behaviour tool and designing structured leisure activities, theme night boxes and art packs. All residents at Alderwood have individual programmes and all resources are personalised taking great care to match an individual’s ability and communication level. Each service user has their own allocated colour scheme so certain resources are colour matched so they can identify which resource belongs to them. Resources are requested by the Registered Managers who through careful assessment of the resident’s ability and understanding and in collaboration with Anita Smart CMgr FCMI (Managing Director) make certain that individual needs are met. Following a request the ‘fun part’ starts; the designing and making. We make sure that all resources are designed follow the Visual Communication ethos using visual structure, visual organisation and visual clarity.