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About Linda

Linda is the Managing Director of Alderwood LLA and is based at the Ecton head office and has the responsibility for the day-to-day running of the company.  

Linda has always had a keen interest in education and before joining Alderwood LLA she worked in an Adult College for students with learning disabilities and a nursery whilst completing her BTEC National Certificate in Early Years Education & Childhood Studies.  As well as her qualification in Early Years Education & Childhood Studies, Linda has a BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care, NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care, NVQ Level 4 Residential Management in Childcare and holds qualifications in PROACT-SCIPr-UK®, Safeguarding, TEACCH, First Aid and has completed Alderwood LLA’s full training programme.  

Linda joined Alderwood LLA in November 2003 as a Shift Leader and during this time has been a Registered Manager, TEACCH Consultant and Reviewing Officer. In October 2013 Linda took over as Head of Operations and Residential Services becoming Operations Director and Head of Service in 2015.  Linda has been instrumental in the further expansion of Alderwood LLA and in February 2019 Linda took over the role as Managing Director.

Linda has in the past and continues to complete assessments of potential service users and heads up their transitions following an agreed placement.  Before the service user arrives Linda is instrumental in ensuring that all resources are in place and the transition team are fully prepared. As part of her role as Parent Liaison, Linda will keep parents and family as informed and involved as possible to ensure a smooth transition.

Linda has completed an extensive Safeguarding training course run by the NSPCC and since then she has completed ‘Leading on Adult Protection’ and ‘Leading on Child Protection’ courses.  As Alderwood LLA’s Head of Safeguarding Linda has been actively involved in writing and delivering training to the Alderwood LLA staff and external professionals which has been approved by the NSPCC.  

Following a visit from Professor Gary Mesibov, former TEACCH Director of the University of North Carolina, Linda was invited to attend the International TEACCH World Conference in America in May 2010 where she delivered a presentation and held a workshop for all of the attendees.

In 2010 Linda introduced the Adult Development Programme which provides an individualised, broad, balanced and differentiated programme for all service users.  The Adult Development Programme provides an opportunity for learning to continue throughout the day and evening to maximise the potential of each service user. It focuses on twelve areas which include social skills, money and safety awareness. 

In 2013 Linda completed the Talking Mats training and has since then adapted this concept to be used in a meaningful manner with our service users to help them express their feelings and opinions.  

She is passionate about her role at Alderwood LLA and works extremely closely with all staff to support them, but the care and welfare of the people we support is always of the upmost importance to her.

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