Alderwood provides a family type setting for all our young adults whilst supporting their needs through structured education and living, using the Alderwood Visual Communication System.

An individual care plan is designed for each service user being entirely specific to their own needs. Education is delivered follow a Learning for Life programme which focuses on independent living and life skills.

It is a fundamental part of the Alderwood philosophy that teaching and learning will take place in all manner of circumstances and will as such be part of structured daily life. To this purpose Alderwood operates a curriculum that is not limited to normal school hours or indeed to school terms; educational activities are continued throughout the year and are organised around the specific needs of each individual to allow for a more consistent approach in managing their Autism.

Recreational activities, domestic living, community outings, visits, pet care and holidays all form part of the living and learning ethos that are structured to provide a general educational background for life long skills.