Alderwood was founded in 2000 after the need was identified for bespoke, integrated programmes of care and education, delivered within a small ‘family’ home setting.

Alderwood’s philosophy is based on the TEACCH programme first developed by the University of North Carolina, USA. 

Key Staff


Alderwood aims to

  • Provide specialist residential care and support for young people and adults with complex ASD
  • Provide a highly structured teaching approach using the Alderwood Visual Communication System for all aspects of the client’s life
  • Support individual residents in small units (eight residential homes) which are tailor-made for the specific client
  • Offer highly structured support for 52 weeks per year
  • Offer high staffing ratios at all times in order to support the specific needs of each individual resident
  • Value all individuals through positive relationships
  • Provide continuing education for all ages and abilities Respect the rights and dignity of all residents and maintain a positive outlook to the potential of each individual.